Boys Basketball

June 26-30

Wildcats Boys Basketball Camp

I believe offensive skills can be players’ most excellent confidence builder, while a lack of offensive skills can be one of the biggest confidence killers. After all, who doesn’t want to put the ball in the basket or contribute to the offensive end of the court? All players want to get better offensively, but most don’t know how to do it. Wildcat Offensive Skills Camp is here to change that! This camp is geared toward players who are serious about basketball and desire to maximize their skill set.

At this camp, we will take a games-based approach to skill development. That means that we will get better at basketball by developing skills within the context of the game. Players can expect to work toward improvement in the following areas:

Shooting mechanics and best practices
Scoring moves and finishing around the basket
Ball handling and passing
Offensive concepts such as spacing and the creation of advantages
Offensive decision making
Ways to lead your team and stand out to your coach

Coach Bio

David Robinson is a transformational coach with a proven track record of establishing a culture and turning around programs. He is passionate about using athletics as a vehicle to invest in the lives of others. Coach Robinson has over 20 years of coaching experience at the varsity level. During that time, he has been able to implement and execute a plan that led to an increase in wins and participation for four different programs. He runs a program and has extensive experience conducting summer camps, clinics, and workout sessions.